XI'AN JERRYSTAR INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD was Founded in 2007 at Xi’an, China with state of the Art in design and manufacturing of AC/DC Power Converters, Inverters, Ground Power Units etc. Specialization in ACSOON brand power converters in many of aspects like aviation, industry, marine and oil fields etc., certified with system approval of ISO 9001 and with product approval by CE.

Our company has a higher capacity for technical development, design and OEM processing, invested heavily in design and manufacturing. Professional approach to customers and quality service are the basic principles for ACSOON personnel to engage in the power Industry

ACSOON Power Mission Is To Build First-Class Power Supply And International Brand.

Enterprise spirit


  • 武器装备质量管理体系认证证书
  • National standard quality management system certifi
  • CE certificate
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